Donations Made

The following is a summary of where the funds raised through Blogs for a Cause have gone up until December 2013. From that point forward, money being raised went solely to funding my work in India, where I serve with Sarah's Covenant Homes.

Real Hope for Haiti: We raised $540 for Real Hope For Haiti. Lori and Licia are sisters who live in Haiti and run a Rescue Centre for children who are very ill, or who have no one to care for them, as well as a medical clinic. Many of these children are suffering from severe malnutrition. Some have come to the clinic too late and pass away before Lori and Licia can help them, all because of a lack of healthy food. The money raised the first time RHFH was the Charity of the Month went to the Diaper Fund to purchase diapers for the kids living in the Rescue Centre. Money raised after that went towards wherever it was most needed. There are many supplies needed to keep the Rescue Centre going, so money went towards things like food for the kids, medicine, pay for the staff, etc.

Conani Orphanage: We raised $400 for the Conani Orphanage in Santiago, Dominican Republic. This orphanage is for children with special needs, and many of them are stateless and will never be adopted. I have visited this orphanage several times in the past two summers that I have volunteered in the DR, and hand delivered the donations to them. There are 74 children in the orphanage, most of whom have cerebral palsy. They have very few toys or anything really to stimulate them; most of them lie in their cribs staring at the ceiling for hours at a time, as there is very few staff compared to the number of children. Money goes towards food, pay of staff, upkeep of the orphanage, any medicine, etc. The little girl pictured in my arms is Rosie. She is 8 years old and was left at the orphanage in a garbage bag at just a few days old, leaving her with several disabilities. She has grown up in the orphanage and has never seen outside its walls.

Mayan Families: We raised $738 for Mayan Families. We were able to sponsor Sara to go to school for a year (we paid for her grade 5 year, and she has now graduated to grade 6), and buy her traditional clothing, and materials for her grandfather to have surgery. We were also able to send her Mother a Mother's Day basket of food, and buy an onil stove for a different family in need. Lastly, we were able to provide food to the family of a little girl named Ingrid who was sick in the hospital. Mayan Families provides care to indigenous students and families in Guatemala, in the Lake Atitlan region. This group has provided sponsorship for hundreds of students to go to school, and for just as many families to be assisted by their many programs, such as the micro-loan program, the sewing program, and an iniative to provide the families with clean drinking water.

His Hands for Haiti: We raised $355 for His Hands for Haiti. Some of this went to send reusable menstrual pads to the young girls who go to the schools that His Hands sponsors, so that they won't need to miss classes when they have their period. The leftover money was sent to go towards the schools that HH4H works with, to provide pay for the teachers, go towards lunch programs, or to buy educational material for the classes. Later, we spotlighted HH4H again and raised money for the school tuition of Danise, a struggling high school student. His Hands for Haiti is a wonderful program providing education to Haitian children through child sponsorship. They charge two payments of $40 each year to sponsor a child and work within eight communities in Northeast Haiti. They also offer two trips each year for sponsors to travel to Haiti to meet their sponsored children and see the work that is being done in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

Heartline Ministries: We raised $200 for an organization in Haiti led by Heartline Ministries. It is a women's program and has four components- The prenatal class meets once a week with pregnant women to provide prenatal care and to help ensure that their babies are born healthily. Once a woman gives birth, they can enter the Early Childhood Development Class. This class provides education on caring for their newborn babies and other children in the family. Each woman and her child can stay in this class for one year. The literacy class meets three times a week to teach Creole reading and writing and lasts for about four months. It is a pre-requisite to our Sewing Class, which is a six month class teaches women how to sew and run a business. The Women's Program helps very poor women who often have no other options. They are, in many cases, suffering domestic abuse, struggling with poverty and malnutrition, and dealing with trying to take care of their children. These classes really have the power to change their lives and the futures of their kids. You can further support by purchasing their bags from Haitian Creations. $75 of this was raised after the earthquake for emergency medical relief.

The Volunteers For Childrens Development Foundation: We raised $165 for VCDF in Northern Thailand. VCDF operates Childrens Homes and Drop In Centers in Chiang Mai and Chiang Saen, providing care, education, and resources to hundreds of children. They focus on working with children who have been exploited through the sex trade, or are at risk of being trafficked. During my trip to Thailand, I visited the two programs in Chiang Mai and delivered the donations, and got to see the work they are doing. I was beyond impressed and saw first hand the lives that VCDF is changing. The program operates with love and is using education, especially sex education, to change the futures of the kids who are most at risk in Thailand. Read the book Not For Sale by David Batstone if you want to learn more about sexual exploitation.

Sarah's Covenant Homes: We raised $125 for Sarah's Covenant Homes in India. 105 children with special needs, abandoned by their biological families, live in this Children's Home. Many of them grew up in government orphanages where they were neglected and they came to Sarah quite sickly, some near death. Funds raised went owards purchasing Pediasure, which is given to the kids daily to increase their strength and health and towards hiring an ayah (caregiver) to work solely with two amazing girls, April and Molly, to give them more individualized attention. When I was volunteering in SCH in May, I fell in love with April. April is blind and has CP and was very sickly when she first came to SCH. Upon arrival, her hemoglobin level was 4.5%. Pediasure helped bring her to health, gain weight, and raise her hemoglobin level to 11.7%! Sarah's Covenant Homes is particularly wonderful because it doesn't only provide basic care for the kids. SCH strives for them to lead good lives, including programs collecting party dresses to make the girls feel like princesses, and setting up funds for the kids to go to school. Additional funds currently being raised go towards my foster home with SCH.

Education Fund: We raised $725 for the Education Fund of three siblings in the Dominican Republic; Andrielis, Andy, and Yoandi. Their family are close friends of mine and amazing people. Thanks to BFAC and other supporters, all three kids are attending private school and being privately tutored. Their quality of education has vastly changed since this project began, when the boys were just barely literate and were failing school. All three kids are excelling at their new schools and are thinking about their futures in a very different mindset, now considering college and professional careers.

Plus $1105 raised for additional charities and families adopting internationally!