I already got my blog designed by you, but I want an update. Do I get a discount?
Yes! Second time customers get a $5 discount, so a regular blog design is $25 (instead of $30). Alternately, if you want to keep the old design but just have me switch to new photos, that will be $10.

I paid you to design me a blog, but now I have changed my mind. Can you refund my money?
Due to the nature of where the money is donated, I do not offer refunds.

I do not like the design that you made. Can I get changes made?
Yes! I am happy to make one set of changes after I show you the initial design that I came up with. If, after I make that one set of changes, you would like further changes, there will be a further charge.

I have a Wordpress blog. Can I get a design too?
I am currently exploring Wordpress. I have done a few Wordpress designs, and am open to trying more.

Can I get a rotating photo design?
Yes! I now offer rotating photo designs, where the photos in the header swap every few seconds (like the one I have on this blog). I charge $45 for a rotating photo design.

If you design my blog, will I lose any of my posts or widgets on the sidebar?
No. When I transfer the design to your blog, you will not lose anything.

Can I read more about the work you are doing in India, where the BFAC funds are going?
Yes! I volunteer with Sarah's Covenant Homes. You can check out their website or read my blog!