My Portfolio

5 Chinese Sisters: Maggie blogs about her 5 daughters, all adopted from China.

Journey to Malia: Jennifer has a 14 year old son, and is adopting a baby girl from China.

Love of a Child: Wendy blogs about her 5 children. Her two youngest sons are adopted; one from Guatemala, and the other domestically.

Recovering Noah: Leslie has three kids, two adopted from India and one from Guatemala. Her oldest son, Noah, has autism. She blogs about the challenges and triumphs her son experiences while struggling with autism.

Van and Zak: Tracey blogs about her two Chinese sons.

Life With Aidan Kai: Kelley blogs about her son, Aidan, adopted domestically.

Creating Our Joy: Kerri blogs about her daughters, one of whom was adopted from Ethiopia and one from Guatemala.

The Foley Four: Kelly blogs about her daughter and son, and her son's life with Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.

Esperanza del Alma: Leslie blogs about her daughters, one of whom was adopted from Ethiopia and the other from Haiti.

Roots and Wings: Diann blogs about her daugher, Jacinda, adopted from Ethiopia.

In A Land Far, Far Away: Ally blogs about her 4 kids, adopted from Russia, China, and Kyrgyzstan.

Adventures With John: Laurie blogs about her son, John, adopted from China.

Always and Forever: Molly blogs about her daughters adopted from Ethiopia. (rotating)

Forever Hugs: Doreen blogs about her 4 girls adopted from Guatemala.

Between Violet and Blue: Blair just started this blog about the daughter, Indigo, she is adopting.

Sarah's Covenant Homes: Sarah lives in India and runs a children's home for 82 abandoned children with special needs.

No Greater Joy Continues: Stacey blogs about her daughters adopted from China.

One Redhead's Journey: Mollie blogs about her experience volunteering with children with special needs in China.

Addy and Lilly: Aimee blogs about her twin daughters.

The Jones Family: Brooke blogs about her son and twins.

The Tales of Two: Mary Jane blogs about her daughters adopted from China.

Our Adoption Journey: Jenny and her husband are adopting from the Congo.

A Day In The Life: Ali blogs about her kids, Jack and Riley.

Adventures With Mari-Grace: Kammy adopted her daughter from China.

The Hardins: Kate blogs about her son and daughters.

Love Makes A Family: Heather has 2 sons adopted from Guatemala.

The Brown Brigade: Audrey adopted two little ones from Uganda.

Sister Haiti - Uganda Mama: Salem has siblings adopted from Haiti, and has three children adopted from Uganda. Two of her children have special needs.

Adopting Special Needs: Laurie blogs about her 2 adopted daughters and their struggles with FASD, RAD, and autism.

Bears In Boise: Meridith blogs about her baby daughter, Lila.

BDH: Ashley blogs about her 2-year old son Oliver.